The process of extracting our raw honey begins with the harvesting of the wooden frames in honeycombs from our own hives. In the extraction room, the wax layer is removed and immediately we introduce them into the extractor, which, by centrifugal force, drive out 100% natural honey. The resulting product is filtered from the impurities with a fine mesh and placed in small tanks, where the decantation phase begins for a few days. By doing this, we eliminate all sediments and air bubbles. Subsequently, it is stored in 700 liters of exquisite honey from Montes de Toledo.

In the whole process temperatures are controlled to work in an optimal range, without subjecting the honey to heating that alters its properties or nutrients. We control storage temperature and we analyze all our lots in Laboratories Apinevada as guarantee of maximum quality and transparency.

With all the quality controls already completed, studied and tested, we proceed to pack all the honey that meets the requirements regarding the degree of humidity and other parameters.

As a guarantee of maximum quality and transparency, our batches are analyzed in specialized laboratories.

Our honeys are extracted and collected by hand, thus preserving all their properties and taking it directly "from the honeycomb to the palate".